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Travel and accommodation

There are good public transport connections to Røros and Elgå. The area offers a variety of accommodation options in all categories, from the simplest open huts to great hotels.




Nasjonalparkstyret for Femundsmarka og Gutulia
Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag
Postboks 4710, Sluppen
N-7468 Trondheim
E: sftlpost@statsforvalteren.no



Person and a dog hiking

By train and bus

There are train and bus connections to Røros. From Røros, visitors can reach Langen guest farm or Synnervika by bus.

There is a bus to Elgå that has a connection from Elverum and Hamar – Oslo.




By car

To Elgå: Drive to Rv. 217/26 and turn onto Fv. 221 at Femundsenden and continue all the way to Elgå. The parking lot is signposted.

To Synnervika: Drive through Hådalen, along Femundsveien road. Røros to Synnervika takes approximately 40 minutes.

Tent by lake

Fæmund II

During the summer months, the traditional boat Fæmund II takes you across Femunden lake. Femunden is Norway’s second largest lake. On board the boat, visitors can enjoy the view of Femundsmarka. The boat makes several stops along the way, which are good starting points for different types of trips in Femundsmarka. The boat returns from Elgå the same day.

View timetables and tickets at Femund.no


By air

Røros has its own airport with daily flights from Oslo Airport.

Personer viewing a lake.


There are a number of accommodation options around the national park. You can find everything from the simplest rental cabin to great hotels.

Destination Røros

Destination Femund-Engerdal

Cabin in the wood