Femundsmarka has countless lakes and waterways. You can paddle a canoe or a packraft along calm lakes and meandering rivers.




Nasjonalparkstyret for Femundsmarka og Gutulia
Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag
Postboks 4710, Sluppen
N-7468 Trondheim



Langtjønna lake

The area around Langtjønna lake is a family-friendly place for canoeing. Here you can try your luck with your fishing rod while paddling down the watercourse.

You can start your trip from Synnervika, which is one of the approaches to Femundsmarka. From there, the trip takes you towards Nordvika, which is a stretch of approximately 8 km. On the east side along the whole of Nordvika, there are many good opportunities for pitching tents or hammocks. Maybe you’ll find one of the chalk-white beaches where you can take a swim? From Nordvika, the trail heads towards Langtjønna lake, where visitors can find several open huts that everyone can use. There are log flumes in the area that testify to the log floating of earlier times. These are short stretches and it is easy to carry your canoe across. On the last day, you paddle to Feragsdammen, and here there are several nice areas that are adapted for camping and campfire sites.

Man in a kayak.


Røa is one of the most visited watercourses in Femundsmarka. If you paddle along this watercourse on a calm evening, you might just land that big fish. During the summer months, the water is warm enough for visitors to take a dip in one of the many pools.

The Røa watercourse is the nerve center of the national park. The Røa river has its source in the large Rogen lake, which lies almost entirely on the Swedish side of the border. From Rogen lake, the Røa river flows through several large but calm sections before it empties into Roasten lake. From Roasten lake, the river is relatively fast-flowing down towards Femund, and here you can expect several sections where you will have to carry your canoe.


Would you like to visit the northern part of Femundsmarka National Park? Then the watercourse namely Mugga, is for you. We want this to remain a great place, so remember to show consideration for wildlife and vegetation.

From Øvre Muggsjøen lake on the Swedish side, Mugga flows down into Midtre Muggsjøen lake, where only a small part lies on the Norwegian side. Between these larger lakes, the river flows calmly through many narrows. From Nedre Muggsjøen lake, the river runs faster before you paddle along a quiet section for the last two kilometers before reaching Femunden lake.

Personers canoeing.