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Experience Femundsmarka

Femundsmarka can be experienced all year round, but July and August are the most popular months. This time of year is great for short trips, but many choose to stay in the area for longer periods to let the natural atmosphere take full effect.




Nasjonalparkstyret for Femundsmarka og Gutulia
Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag
Postboks 4710, Sluppen
N-7468 Trondheim
E: sftlpost@statsforvalteren.no



Man camping by lake.
Man fishing.

The call of the wilderness

Many people search for the untouched outdoors, where you can find your own campsite and experience the changing moods of nature. Perhaps you will hook a big fish while the reindeer are wandering past.

When hiking in Femundsmarka, you will find countless kilometers of waymarked trails, and visitors can also follow animal tracks or watercourses. You can easily cross the border into Sweden, and these large continuous areas show signs of beavers and otters, but also bears and wolverines. You may see an osprey looking for food or hear the shriek of a black-throated diver.

Many people love to experience being close to nature and choose to stay in a tent, lavvo (Sámi tent), hammock or sleep under open skies.

Historical Hiking Route

Malmveien is an adapted Historic Hiking Route that runs from Røros to Femundsmarka. The trip is divided into three day stages (about 15 km a day), and takes place within the circumference of the copper works at Røros – part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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There are both traces of earlier use from the Stone Age and more recent mining activity, as well as many traces of the ore mines and extensive charcoal burning. The watercourses were also linked together around 1750, and you can still walk along the log flumes between Femunden and Feragen lakes. Accommodation is available at Marenvollen and Fjølburøsta, which is an old mountain farm that has reopened as a self-catering cabin. There are over 20 information boards in the area that provide information about what you can experience along the way. It is also possible to take a day trip on most stages of the route.

See more information about Malmveien on Ut.no

Person and dog hiking.
Person hiking in the mountains.

Summit trips

Femundsmarka is best known for its gentle forest slopes, but there are also striking mountain peaks of around 1500 meters in height that offer magnificent views.



Femundsmarka has countless lakes and waterways. You can paddle a canoe or a packraft along calm lakes and meandering rivers. There is a continuous watercourse from the Swedish side to Femunden lake. Remember not to leave any traces behind, only beavers are allowed to cut down trees!

Person paddling a canoe.
Man fishing by a lake.


Femunden lake and Femundsmarka are widely known as a fishing paradise. Visitors get the opportunity to catch some of the most well-known freshwater species. The summer season offers several watercourses that have stocks of trout and perch, but are you able to hook them? Ice fishing is popular during the winter, and what can beat a day on the ice waiting for Arctic char to bite?

You can buy a fishing license at iNatur.no

Fæmund II

Many visitors start their journey on the historical boat MS Fæmund II, which transports people and equipment between Synnervika in the north and Elgå in the south. The boat makes several stops along the way, where passengers can easily reach different parts of the national park.

During the summer months, Fæmund II takes you across Femunden, which is Norway’s second largest lake. On board the boat, visitors can enjoy the view of Femundsmarka. The boat makes a round-trip journey every day between Synnervika and Elgå, from the beginning of June to the middle of August. From then until the beginning of September, the boat follows the autumn timetable on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

View timetables and tickets at Femund.no

The boat Fæmund.