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There are two approaches into Femundsmarka National Park, Elgå in the south and Synnervika in the north. These national park approaches give visitors a good start by providing useful information about the national parks. There are also many other good starting points for visitors to enter Femundsmarka.




Nasjonalparkstyret for Femundsmarka og Gutulia
Statsforvalteren i Trøndelag
Postboks 4710, Sluppen
N-7468 Trondheim
E: sftlpost@statsforvalteren.no



Title Address Description
Synnervika, Røros, Norge
Elgå, Norge
Ljøsnåvollveien 1249, 7375 Røros, Norge
FRMX+32 Sorvika, Norge
CVM3+X5 Sorvika, Norge
Jonasvollvegen, 2555 Tufsingdalen, Norge
9F3C+MG Käringsjön, Sverige
4PH6+3Q Buvika, Norge
34JV+9F Rostvollen, Norge
Besøkssenter nasjonalpark
5W8V+5H Elgå, Norge
Tynset togstasjon
7QFG+VH Tynset, Norge
Røros skysstasjon
H9FJ+R2 Røros, Norge
Persons by a lake

Synnervika near Røros

Synnervika is the approach that provides a good starting point for traveling into the national park from the north. From here, you can take the traditional boat Fæmund II which makes several stops along the way, allowing visitors to easily enter different parts of the national park, or you can use a canoe to paddle further into the park. At the approach, there is a lean-to shelter, a picnic area, an outdoor toilet, camping sites and useful information about the national park.

Elgå in Engerdal

When you enter the park from the south, the approach at Elgå is a natural place to start your Femundsmarka experience. You can begin the trip by taking the traditional boat Fæmund II which makes several stops along the way, allowing passengers to easily enter different parts of the national park. You can cycle along the road to Svukuriset or walk the path that starts at the approach. The Femundsmarka and Gutulia National Park Visitor Center is located in Elgå. Elgå also has a shop, a hotel and camping facilities. At the approach, which is located between the Visitor Center and the pier, there are benches and useful information about the national park.

The boat Fæmund II.
Persons and a dog hiking.

From the north

In addition to Synnervika in the north, you can start your trip at Langen, Feragsdammen or Ljøsnåvollen. At all these places, visitors can connect to Norwegian Trekking Association trails, which lead into the Langtjønna Protected Landscape and Femundsmarka. You will find useful information about the area at these starting points.

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Langen guest farm offers accommodation, dining and canoe rental. The place is a popular starting point for trips into the national park, on an easy path over Femundsåsen.


At Feragsdammen, there are several prepared campfire sites and a lean-to shelter. The area is well suited for groups or families who want to take their children on a camping trip and maybe try their luck fishing in the river. It is also a good starting point for canoeing. There is a road all the way to the parking lot at Feragsdammen.


The road to Ljøsnåvollen is closed, but visitors can park their cars just before the road barrier and cycle or walk to the mountain farm. The trails that start at the farm are good starting points for a trip deeper into the area. Here, you can hike along the trail up to Viglfjella mountain or follow the Norwegian Trekking Association trail towards Muggsjølia or Langtjønna lake.

From the south

In addition to Elgå, you can start your trip at Sylen and Valdalsfjellet. Norwegian Trekking Association trails start at these locations and lead into Femundsmarka.

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It is possible to take a boat taxi across Grøvelsjøen lake to Sylen. Grøvelsjøen lake is located in Sweden, so national borders are crossed. At Sylen, there is a small hamlet that has three farms but there is no road access. This starting point is a nice place for trips into the mountains over to Svukuriset or Valdalsfjellet.


From Valdalsfjellet, there are several popular routes heading north. You can make a round-trip of the area or follow the Norwegian Trekking Association trails to Svukuriset and Sylen. This area is very important for reindeer husbandry, and some of the route will take you through reindeer pastures and dividing lines, so you must show consideration when meeting reindeer.


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Ferry Fæmund II

Routes in with Fæmund II

The scheduled ferry Fæmund II connects ports of call along Femunden lake. From Femundshytten cabin, Jonasvollen and Buvika on the west side of the lake, you can take the boat over to several ports of call which are good starting points for trips in Femundsmarka. The boat runs during the summer months. During the winter season, it is possible to cross Femunden lake on skis.

Fæmund II timetables and tickets  

From Sweden

Large parts of Femundsmarka border Sweden. There are several places where visitors can cross the border on established trails or follow the watercourses. Käringsjön is a natural starting point. There is a road the whole way in where you can start your trip on foot or by canoe.

Person canoeing.